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May 14, 2021

Wong Family Portraits at Kualoa Regional Park


Family Portraits with the Wongs at the Kualoa Regional Park


Photographing families is guaranteed to be a good time! Even though you don’t know whether you can get the kids to get into the mood to pose, it’s a different kind of joy to see the family bond as you step into their world for some time. I love being able to connect with the kids and create something that they will cherish together as a family. “The photos will be a wonderful way to celebrate me turning 40, our anniversary, being a family of 5, and traveling finally,” Katrina told me. Katrina and her family were visiting from San Francisco and booked a 2-hour drone session with me. I wanted the Wongs to take away the best memories from Hawaii, and what better way to do that than taking them deep into the wild?

Family Portraits Session With The Wongs

We headed to the Kualoa Regional Park for this family portraits session since it’s never crowded and offers such a diverse backdrop for the photographs. Katrina and her family, which included 3 little ones, were such a joy to photograph. Of course, there were snacks and bribes involved, but that’s just how you get on their good side! I have three small kids of my own, so I know the importance of bribes.

I really believe that once you have the kids on your side, the parents are bound to have a great time at the family portraits session. And since it was their wedding anniversary, I wanted to make sure that Katrina and her husband got the chance to take some couple portraits too. So, when the Wong kids took a snack break, which included gummy bears and dried mangos, it was time for mom and dad to shine in front of the camera! I was pleasantly surprised to see Katrina and her husband take out the time for some couple portraits, and I was more than happy to play my part in making their anniversary photographs memorable.

As the photographer, I make it my responsibility to ensure that the session is not just about the posed family portraits but also about capturing real moments and emotions. I try to get up close and personal without making the kids uncomfortable with me or the camera. While some photographers may have a tough time getting the posed portraits, others might have difficulties getting those candid family photos. But in my experience, with the right tricks up your sleeve, neither has to be a challenge.

The kids, who are 7, 5, and 18 months old, were just so sweet to each other. Running around their mom and dad, the 7-year-old and 5-year-old were in such a good mood the whole time. They even acted as the perfect big brothers for their little sister, holding her hand as the family posed for pictures. I can honestly never get over sibling love! Just so pure and innocent, and it always shows so naturally in the photographs. “We are always up for an adventure,” Katrina said to me as I saw how effortlessly they managed to get through this session.

Family Portraits Session in Hawaii

If you are in Hawaii and also want to add an adventurous or fun twist to your family portraits, I would be more than happy to be your photographer! I love photographing kids and know the exact tricks to get them to pose. Just a little bit of a bribe in the form of candies or snacks, and voila, your kids will turn into professional models in no time! I had a great time photographing the Wongs in this breathtaking location, and if you want to take a deep dive into the wilderness, I have got some great spots for you too!

To get in touch with me, you can drop me a mail at or call me on 808-688-3396. I also photograph weddings, so if you or anyone you know is getting married soon, you can refer me to them! To check out more of my photography, you can head to my website, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.


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