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February 12, 2019

Kualoa Ranch is Hawaii’s Most Popular Wedding Venue

5 Reasons Why Kualoa Ranch is Hawaii’s most

Popular Wedding Venue This Year!

kualoa wedding



Locals and destination brides alike are flocking to Kualoa Ranch for their weddings this year and even next year. Kualoa Ranch is the most popular wedding venue on Oahu for 2020 and 2021. Here are a few reasons why Kualoa Ranch is taking over Hawaii Weddings. See Anu + Seans Full Kualoa Wedding HERE

What makes Kualoa such a popular wedding venue?

Kualoa Ranch Weddings offers 5 unique wedding location inside their 4,000 acres park. Each venue offers something different. From secret beaches to hidden valleys and majestic mountains; from ancient Hawaiian cultural sites to historic ranch buildings, secluded gardens, and spectacular vistas. Kualoa also offers a ‘farm to table” dining experience that Includes shrimp, fish, beef, oysters, fruits, and vegetables that are Kualoa grown.

Moli‘i Gardens



Moli’i Gardens is a beautiful two-tiered garden setting that borders our 800-year-old Hawaiian fishpond, it includes a gorgeous open-air cottage. The upper lawn pavilion has water, electricity, as well as men’s and women’s restrooms and partial kitchen and an amazing grand staircase. price of the venue is between $2800-3400 depending on the day of the week.

Paliku Gardens


Paliku Gardens is above the ranch and provides guests with stunning views of Kaneohe Bay, the Pacific Ocean and Mokoli’i Island, or Chinaman’s Hat. Paliku gardens wedding location consists of two large lawn areas, an upper garden, as well as an open-air pavilion. Tables and chairs are included in the rental for up to 150 guests and the price of venue is between $2800-3400 depending on the day of the week.

Secret Island Beach

Secret Island is an intimate, secluded white sand beach, accessible by a 5-minute catamaran boat ride across our 800-year-old Moli’i Fishpond.   Upon docking at Secret Island, guests take a short walk into a labyrinth of trails through native hau trees, which creates an exciting entrance to the pristine waters and white sands of Kaneohe Bay and our Secret Island beachfront. The venue has host up to 50 guests. Secret Island Beach amenities include restrooms, picnic table seating, grassy areas, dining tents, shade trees and more.


Jumanji is Kualoa’s newest wedding venue location and the views are breathtaking. Here are some florals and arch rental by La Flor.

1. Kualoa Ranch Views

the view at Jumanji Kualoa new popular wedding venue


2. There is a private secret island!

One of Hawaii’s most popular venues includes Kualoa’s Secret Island. Check out Kualoa Secret Island Wedding HERE!



3. Kualoa is Popular in Hollywood!

rental options at Kualoa lower camp venue

 Kualoa Ranch is a popular location for filming for big blockbusters such as Jurassic Park, Jumanji, 50 first Dates, Pearl Harbor and a multitude of others. If you are a movie fan, then this is a perfect place to

4. Take a selfie with a Horse!

take a selfie with a horse at your wedding kualoa Ranch

If you are an animal lover like myself then horses and cows surrounding you on your wedding day is a dream come moo.. I mean, true. Kualoa offers a popular package for weddings where they release cows and horses to the surrounding area. It is an amazing photo opportunity and your guest will absolutely love taking a selfie with a cow or a horse. How cool!

5. Price

One factor of Kualoa Ranch popularity may be its competitive pricing. Kualoa Ranch Weddings offers site fees starting at $2,000-3,400. If you are looking to save a few bucks, think about having your wedding on a weekday! For this beauty that is an absolute deal!

cute couple at Kualoa ranch wedding faire

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Want to Learn More?

To learn more about Kualoa Ranch Weddings and Popular Wedding packages and pricing contact click HERE

Check out one of Kualoa’s most popular wedding venues on Goggle maps.


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