At Sky and Reef Photography, we focus on getting a mix of both candids and posed. We are about having fun and getting those once-in-a-lifetime shots that last a lifetime. Our photos are bright, vivid, true to life color, which showcases Hawaii's natural beauty. Ultimately, I am here to make you look Damn good in your photographs. 


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March 11, 2019

Pinterest Storyboard Planning

Pinterest Storyboard Planning


Sky and Reef Photography

Haiku garden Pinterest storyboard planning

If you are reading this and asking What the heck is Pinterest?

Then you should probably ask your soon-to-be wife or wife. She most likely has a Pinterest and she has pinned recipes, workout, engagement rings, and cute outfits.

I love Pinterest and I love the ideas and inspiration that I get when scrolling through the site. At Sky and Reef Photography, we use Pinterest as a mood board, a style board, a place for ideas. It is a way for you to see something and share it with me. It helps us understand the style of images that you love and deliver the style of images to you.



“My main goal when photographing you, your family, and you’re loved

ones to…

WOW you, surpass your expectations and give you exactly what you want!

I am not here to put my art on you. I here to understand your vision and

deliver the best photographic experience of your life!”

How do I get a shared Pinterest Board with Sky and Reef Photography?

After booking,  I send out a questionnaire that asks if you would like to create a secret Pinterest board.

If you check YES, I will send you an invitation via your email.

Once you accept the pinning begins!


What The heck do I Pin?

Sit down with a glass of wine and have fun. Make it a date with your fiance, spouse or BFF.

Whatever you want. What speaks to you? Are there any details you love? Sweet candid moments that you would like me to wait for? group poses? or just pictures that you can’t live without.

Pin those!

Why does Sky and Reef Photography Use Pinterest?

I am a visual learner.

I use Pinterest with my clients so I can understand exactly what YOU want. I am the kind of gal that needs to take notes, write lists, and see things visually.

Pinterest helps me get to know you, your style and confidently deliver exactly what you want.

Pinterst bride style gallery

Can we copy the photos I pinned?

We will not copy photos from Pinterest. but we use them as a guide to your style. I may pull up you Pinterest board during your session, but I don’t use it as a shot list for your session or event.

When can I add my last photos into my Pinterest Board?

Pin until the morning of your scheduled shoot. I normally check our shared Pinterest board a couple of times.

Once a week before to check your general style and make sure I pack all the equipment needed to get that shot.

Lastly, I check your Pinterest board the day of your wedding or engagement, maternity or family session.






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