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May 1, 2019

Makapu’u Beach Elopement

Makapu’u Beach Elopement


You may not believe it, but Makapu’u Beach was not the couple’s first choice for their Hawaiian Elopement. They first agreed to Kualoa Beach, but the rain gods had other plans and we were completely rained out of that option. So with a little bit of weather research by the best photographer and amazing meteorology skills via my weather app. We searched through the dryer part of the island and decided on Makapu’u Beach for the win!


When we first arrived, it was a bit rainy. But, I had my handy-dandy umbrella in the car ready to go and we wished for sunshine. The sun came out and during the couple’s ceremony a rainbow shown over them while they were reciting their vows.


Why Choose Makapu’u Beach to Elope?

Makapu’u Beach is a great location that offers lava rocks, a sandy beach, greenery, mountains, a lighthouse and gorgeous lookout and soft evening light. There is even a chance to see whales!

How to get to Makapu’u Beach from Waikiki?

Makapu’u Beach is about a 35 min drive from your hotel in Waikiki. Click on this map below to check out the location. Makapu’u Beach offers free parking and also has bathrooms.


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