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January 14, 2022

Julia and Krish’s Volcano Elopement

Julia and Krish’s Volcano Elopement

As much as I enjoy and love photographing big, traditional weddings, elopements are just as close to my heart, especially when they are scheduled to take place amid natural, untouched Hawaiian landscapes. This place has SO much to offer when it comes to natural beauty. And Julia and Krish really took advantage of that when they chose the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for their elopement. It was such a refreshing and unique experience for me. Julia and Krish, if you are reading this, I just want to thank you for being such an awesome couple and choosing me as your elopement photographer. Oh, and before I forget, I loved meeting your parents too! All of you are so welcoming and warm. It was such a privilege to be there with you guys.


Krish And Julia’s Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Elopement

Krish and Julia’s wedding wasn’t just about taking pretty wedding photos. It was about exploring the location too. The bride and groom really impressed me with their willingness to explore and discover the different parts of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – even with their entire wedding attire. Julia, who clearly came prepared for an adventure, chose a comfortable pair of hiking shoes instead of the classic sandals. I was so surprised that I had to take a photo of my bride’s shoes. It’s not every day that a bride decides to wear hiking shoes to her wedding. 


Even though we could have gotten plenty of photos at just a couple of spots, Krish and Julia wanted to roam around and really take in the beauty of the park and include it in their wedding photos too. We took a driving tour and happily jumped out for photos along the way. They were such great sports. The best location was Chain of Craters Road. It is an exceptionally scenic and spectacular drive, and it’s a total ‘must-do’ if you are ever visiting Hawaii or getting married at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The Chain of Craters Road ends at the ocean, and there’s a patch of palm trees there that makes for a stunning backdrop for romantic photos. The wind at this spot was the perfect addition to the photos. One of my favorite pictures from this spot is easily the one where Julia and Krish are sharing a kiss as my bride is leaning against a tree. The lava cave and the steaming vents at the park were two other iconic spots that we just couldn’t miss adding to the wedding photos. Yet again, Krish and Julia happily posed for me. I loved how sweet Julia just twirled around for me. 


The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park protects some of the most unique geological, biological, and cherished cultural landscapes in the world, and my couple wanted its beauty to be reflected in their wedding photos. From the beautiful sky to the incredibly lush landscape and the lava cave – I tried to bring in as much of Mother Nature as I could in these photos. Impeccable taste in locations, stylish, romantic, funny – Julia and Krish were a dream to photograph. They were incredibly easy-going, too, especially when Julia had to hold the train of her wedding dress to climb on top of a rock because I wanted her and Krish to pose on it. I am so glad we did that because I love how those photos turned out.


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Julia and Krish, thank you so much for everything. It was such a magical day, and I enjoyed every moment I spent with you two and your parents. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and look forward to photographing other milestones in your lives. I hope you like your photos as much as I loved taking them. 


If you or someone else you know is planning to get married in Hawaii, my photography services are available! To get in touch with me, you can drop me a mail at or call me on 808-688-3396. I also do traditional wedding, engagement, family, honeymoon, maternity, and drone photography. To check out more of my photography, you can head to my website, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

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