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January 9, 2018

Matt + Jen : North Shore Oahu, Hawaii Family Photography


Hawaii Family Photography

Matt + Jen

 North Shore, Oahu

Matt and Jen are the sweetest people. I got to sit down with them and hear the STORY of how they met. It is one of my favorite things to hear from couples. Where did you meet? Who was more interested at first? Who made the first move? It is always fun to hear both perspectives and how the same story can differ drastically depending on who tells it and after how many drinks the storyteller has also consumed.

They met across the world while Matt was traveling with his brother in the Philippines. They both remember the moment they first saw each other.  A couple kids and a few years later, Jen moved to Hawaii to live with Matt. They raise their children on the East side of the Island.

These two were definitely not stopping for photos. They were having way to much fun rocking out on the hammock.

I did snag a smile with Nedra.

But then she was off on her next adventure

Together they have two rambunctious children who truly enjoy their childhood running around outside.

This is their amazing families weekend house tucked away in a quiet bay along the North Shore of Oahu.

Matt is an amazing Chef at Ruscello at Nordstrom al Moana. (Ps Matt makes an epic seafood curry). Jen is a mother and small business owner and creative on Etsy.

They are a special and loving family and it was an honor to spend the afternoon on the North Shore of Oahu. See you guys next year!

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