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January 14, 2018

Thinking about getting married on a weekday? 10 reasons why you should get hitched on a weekday. Check out Tess & Miles beachside Elopement in Playa del Rey

Thinking about a Weekday Wedding?

10 reasons why you should get married on a weekday

10 Reasons why weekday weddings are awesome!

I LOVE weekday weddings. I may be biased on the subject since I am a wedding photographer but who doesn’t love a great weekday party? Something about it seems more intimate, and there is also something luxurious about getting married and partying on a weekday. If you rebellious bride. The answer is YES!


10 Reasons why weekday weddings are awesome!

  1. Save Money! Let’s start with the no-brainer.
  2. Get the date you want. Do you have a special day, like 1/23? do it!
  3. Venue. Get that killer venue that is never available unless you book two years out, Maybe its a Friday or heck it is defiantly available on a Tuesday. 
  4. Destination. Everyone is already flying in for a few days to come to your wedding anyways why ease the fly cost and get married on a weekday.
  5. Snag a busy, booked-up vendor. Great vendors book up fast, If you dilly-dallied on locking in a vendor and your heart is set on them
  6. Simplify your Guest List. This one is a bit brutal but honest. I have heard of brides getting so overwhelmed by their guest lists that they actually want to make it difficult for some people to come to keep their numbers down while still inviting everyone. Sorry, you can’t get off work great-uncle Jeremiah.
  7.  Shot-Gun Wedding. Do you want to have a quick engagement and just be married already?
  8. Elopements. When your wedding consists of you, your fiance and some sort of Priest, Rabi or internet ordinated officiant you can literally do pretty much whatever you want.
  9. Short & Sweet. If you want to have a short wedding day opt for a weekday soiree.
  10. You’re Rebellious. I saved the best reason for last. If you are the kind of couple that dances to the beat of your own drum. Do it. Dance your way across the dance floor on a Tuesday. It makes you feel like you are in college again. You are young. You can party on a weekday. You are totally taking tomorrow off.


This is my very official no disclaimer note. Understand people may think the idea is odd but if you are not a traditionalist who cares. Whatever day you choose, remember: It’s your wedding. You don’t need to follow wedding day etiquette. If you are getting married in Los Angeles on a weekday please please please consider TRAFFIC!


   Whatever your take is on weekday weddings, we can all agree that Miles & Tess are stunning on the beach in Playa Del Rey Elopement. NO crowds, plenty of parking and Tess even got into the water with her wedding gown! What a rockstar couple.




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