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March 6, 2018

The most beautiful church in Southern California I Wayfars Church Palos Verdes I Emilie + Josh Medler

Wayfarers Chapel is the most beautiful church in Southern California. This glass church is breathtaking and it is an architect’s dream! The church has glass and stone geometric designs and offers specular natural light throughout the church. The Wayfarer’s chapel’s stunning beauty is an ideal location for your dream wedding.

glass church on ocean California

Wayfarers Chapel is located atop the cliff of the Pacific Ocean with dazzling waterfront views across from the luxury Terreana Resort and Golf course and Abalone Cove.

The stunning Church was built in 1959 and was Designed by Lloyd Wright. The oceanfront wedding venue is located on 3.5 acres of lush green lawns with rich plants and foliage. The Wayfarers Chapel is a picture perfect site with its elegant glass structure as the centerpiece of this beautiful venue. What really makes this venue the most wonderful is that blends in seamlessly with its nature, it’s landscape and it’s environment. The sun glistens into the chapel onto the stone waterfall at the altar of which the Lord’s Prayer are etched.

bride and groom exit wayfarers chapel palos verdes

There’s no need for additional decoration or flower arrangements inside of the chapel as the decor itself has emphasized its surrounding natural beauty. If you are looking for the most beautiful church in Southern California then you have found it!


Emilie’s mom mentioned she wondered why her daughter wanted to come all this way, to California but as she stared at the chapel, she said she finally understood why. This venue is spectacular! It really is the most beautiful wedding venue and church.

husband helping bride in chapel

Emilie and Josh and their families traveled all the way to Palos Verdes from Germany, Sweeden, Mexico, Norway and across the United States. 

How We Met


One sunny day in Pasadena, California (although It’s Always Sunny in California), there was a college by the name of Pasadena City College. Every year, it would have a magical day, on which all international students would get to know the college and each other. It was called International Student Orientation. Students of all ages and nations would come to start their student career at PCC, and among others, so did the two heroes of our story, Emilie J.H. Melder and Joshua Mentrup, in the year of 2014.

Although at first not realizing that they were meant to be, they soon started a conversation that should seal their fate on the corner of Bonnie and Colorado. While their skin slowly turned red from the heating California sun, they talked for hours about this and that and decided they would be friends. The weeks following this conversation strengthened their friendship so that they would be inseparable from this moment on. They spent America’s most beloved holiday, 4th July, together, founded a club for other students, the couple became part of the bigger picture by joining the Associated Students, and even celebrated their birthdays together (not just because their birthdays are right after each other!).

These two beautiful people know every single thing there is to know about the other and even finished each other’s thoughts and sentences. They went through good times and bad times, fell in love, and realized that they were supposed to be with one another. Which leads us to today, where the two lovebirds decided to announce their inseparability by getting married, sharing their love with the world, and living happily ever after.

newlyweds kiss after marriage

Bride and groom rings

Bride and Groom portraits with the amazing glass church in the background

The groomsmen looking distinguished framed by the trees

groomsmen with scenic trees

 Here is a close up of the handsome groom and groomsmen

close up of groomsmen trees in background

 I love that I was able to capture an intimate moment where Emilie and Josh just took a moment to rest and relax and soak in their marriage vows. This really shows me how much they made the wedding about their love for each other.

couple wedding day relax inside chapel

The bridesmaids wore long elegant black dresses.

This veil is the best

bride with long veil almost kisses groom in Palos Verdeshusband and wife newlyweds touch noses in formal wear


A tree-lined kissbride and groom kiss under tree lines path

Pretty much Josh just wanted to kiss and attend to his bride all afternoon. He is husband material!groom kisses bride trees in background

I just cannot get enough of this chapel

bride and groom kiss in wayfarers chapel glass church

An intimate wedding was perfect for the two of them

formal whole wedding party and guest wayfarers wedding small wedding

Classic. Nothing like your parents kiss you on your wedding day.

Hip Hip Hooray!

Come on, we had to get a silly shot!

bride groom and guest celebrate wedding day group shot



Venue: Wayfarers Chapel 

 5755 Palos Verdes Drive South, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

HAIR/MAKE UP: @veilofgrace

TRANSPORT: & LB Limousine

WEDDING DRESS:@christiane_brudesalong

Designer: Lillian West

GROOM’S TUX: @theblacktux

 FLORIST: KQ Elements @kqelements


Reception: Omni LA Hotel @omnilosangeles


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