At Sky and Reef Photography, we focus on getting a mix of both candids and posed. We are about having fun and getting those once-in-a-lifetime shots that last a lifetime. Our photos are bright, vivid, true to life color, which showcases Hawaii's natural beauty. Ultimately, I am here to make you look Damn good in your photographs. 


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November 6, 2018

What to Expect from your Hawaii Wedding Photographer

 What to expect from your

Hawaii Wedding Photographer

bride and groom kiss on the beach after their elopement

Your Hawaii destination Wedding should be stress-free and relaxing. I am here to photograph you drinking rum out of coconuts in your wedding attire. So relax, I got this!

I created this guide as a roadmap to help you understand what to expect when you are expecting guests from all around the country and even the world to attend your wedding nuptials.

Unless you are making a trip out to the islands to check out your venue and meet with some of your vendors. It is highly unlikely we will not meet before your wedding day. Most of our communication will through emails, phone calls and video calls.

Hawaii wedding invites getting married in Hawaii

What to expect from your Photographer leading up to your Wedding?

My focus is not only to provide my couples with actual wedding photos but to provide an overall experience by working closely with our clients from the very day they contact me, all the way till the day of their wedding.

bride and groom pose close for portrait

 7 Steps of your Wedding Photography Timeline

Step One: 

We begin with an initial meeting where we not only answer any questions you may have but also go over a multitude of factors to consider before deciding whether or not we are the right photographers for you.  Regardless of whether you choose us or not, we want to ensure you make the best choice for you.

Step Two:

  If you decide that we are the best photographers for you and would like to lock us in for your special day, we have a contract and retainer fee.  Both can be conveniently completed online. Please note, you are not in my calendar until you sign a contract and pay a retainer fee. My schedule is on a first come basis.

Step Three:

We offer all of our client’s unlimited communication to answer any questions you may have during your planning process. This includes video chats, phone calls, and text messages.

I send you a questionnaire to best understand your needs and we create a Pinterest Board so I can see your style and wedding day vision.

Please keep in mind if you are calling from a different time zone. I love you, but I do not want to talk to you before 8 am Hawaii time. That would be 11 am (California time) aka PST.

Step Four:

We schedule a planning meeting with you within a month or so before your wedding.  We want to know everything from the family heirlooms you might be wearing, to the timeline of your reception to make sure we don’t miss a beat on your special day.

This is also where we confirm  Final Payment Final payment is due one month prior to your wedding day.

Step Five:

Wedding time!

After working with you throughout the planning process, our hope is that when we arrive on your wedding day that you feel like we are just another couple of friends that are there to help you celebrate, not strangers that you are meeting for the first time.

Step Six:

Sneak Peek

within 72 hours of your wedding, you will receive a sneak peek from your wedding that you can share on Facebook, Instagram or however you would like.

Extra For an additional fee of $500. I offer rapid editing packages of your top 100 photos 72 hours after your wedding. This also includes one same day edit ‘hero’ image delivered via text to your phone on your wedding night. The next day you will receive 5-10 photos and by 72 hours after your wedding you will receive your TOP 100 images from your wedding

Step Seven:

Final delivery of photos 

Your photos will be made via a private/shareable online gallery.  Your photos can also be accessed via an app on a mobile device or through a web browser.

*We offer USB for an additional charge

How do we book your photography services?

Please send us an email via our contact us section with your wedding date, location and other details so we can check our availability and schedule an initial meeting with you.  We recommend that your wedding date be solidified and venue booked prior to scheduling an initial meeting.


 If you decide that we are the best fit for you, the date and time of your event will be reserved as soon as we receive your signed contract and non-refundable, non-transferrable, reservation retainer payment.  Your contract will contain additional details regarding the retainer payment and cancellations.  The remaining balance is due one month before your wedding date.

couple embrace on beach with greenery

How much are your Hawaii Wedding Packages?

Any of my packages are completely customizable with transparent pricing. All of my Pricing can be found HERE!

What are additional services to my wedding package?

Would you like to include more awesome features for your wedding packages?

Same Day Wedding Edits Package ($500)

For an additional fee of $500. I offer rapid editing. It includes three parts.

Same day-one same day edit ‘Hero’ image delivered via text to your phone on your wedding night!

24 hours-receive 5-10 edited highlight photos

72 hours-receive your TOP 100 images from your wedding

Drone Photography/ Aerial Photography ($500)

This includes 5-10 unique photos throughout your day and a short video clip

USB (2 for $150)

After I delivery your images via your online gallery I have relinquished responsibility for your images. You are the sole protector of your wedding photos. The gallery normally stays LIVE for about 30 days for you to download. After that I must make room for the next couple’s photos. I do not have an endless supply of space. Your images are very large and it fill up my cloud and gallery space quickly. The best way to keep your images safe is to have multiple places where you store your images.

In the mail, you will receive Full digital highest resolution images. I recommend you put the USBs in two separate locations. One in your safe at home and one with your parent’s home or safety deposit box. It never hurts to be prudent with your digital heirlooms.

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage ($650)

Trash The Dress ($650)

Waterfall/Adventure Session ($650)

Night Time Star Session ($650)

Family Photography Session ($650)

Bridal Portraits ($650)

bride and groomsmen act silly bunny ears

How do you Photograph my Hawaii Wedding?

Weddings can be covered by one or two photographers.  We are more “photojournalistic” in our approach which means the majority of the photos are taken candidly or with a documentary purpose and are meant to capture all of the elements of the wedding day so you can go back and relive it every time you look through them in the future. We also love creating dramatic scenes and creating gorgeous one of a kind shots from your day.

Photos from a typical wedding day include

getting ready

the ceremony

formal family portraits

wedding party portraits

wedding portraits of the couple

and the reception.

Do you Travel to the other Hawaiian Islands for Photography?

What are your fees?

Who doesn’t love to travel!  For sessions taking place outside of Oahu/Honolulu, HI, travel fees include the cost of time traveling, gas, airfare, luggage, hotel, car rental, fuel, food, and/or parking.  Contact us for a personalized quote.

Do you Travel to California or across the US?

I travel to California for a small travel fee since I am from California and have many friends and families I can stay with. I travel with a small fee to Las Vegas and Utah.

Do you Travel internationally?

Yes, I travel for a small fee to China since I have family in Hong Kong. My bucket list of locations include New Zealand, Iceland, Vietnam,

What are Sky and Reef Photography Guarantees?

Image files come no later than 30 days

Image file delivery via private/shareable online gallery (accessible via an app on mobile device or through web browser) and DVD

Approximately 50-60+ artfully processed images per hour of shooting time

Unlimited communication during the planning process

Do you offer Discounts?

Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts by request.  However, we may be able to provide you with a customized session that will work within your budget.  We do nothing less than pour our whole hearts into what we do and feel that our prices are fair for the work we offer our clients.

 There is a tremendous amount of time spent not only behind our cameras shooting, but also prepping, planning, post-processing, editing, and crafting our portraits.

Can you photoshop me to look skinnier and younger?

As much as we all wish to be skinnier and younger, we do not “photoshop” or alter photos to affect what was physically present at the time the photo was taken.  Altering what was physically captured in a photo can be a very complicated and time-consuming process that in our opinion can actually devalue a photo because it is no longer genuine. Small marks and blemishes may be considered for editing if it can be reasonably done.

Do you work with a Shot list and Pinterest Boards?

For sure. I am here to capture your dream wedding and understand your vision for the day.

How long does it take to get our wedding Photos?

30 DAYS!

Most wedding photo studio can take months to process, but Sky and Reef Photography delivers their photos quickly. This is the main reason why we take on a limited number of clients during the year.  We know that the each and every photo we take is a once in a lifetime moment to be cherished forever, so we will never compromise quality.

Do you have Liability Insurance?

Yes.  Sometimes venues require vendors to provide proof of liability insurance.  We are more than happy to work with your vendor to make sure all of their requirements are met.

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