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November 14, 2018

25 Questions to Ask Your Hawaii Wedding Photographer

25 Questions to Ask Your Hawaii Wedding Photographer

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Here is an insider’s scoop from a renowned wedding photographer to help you to navigate your wedding photography questions.

When you’re planning a destination wedding, you have a lot of tasks to juggle. First of all, you have to find that perfect place. Then, you have to deal with the guest list, the attire, the food, the lodging, the honeymoon, the flowers, the photographer, the videographer, the the cake…the list goes on and on.

While I can’t help you pick your dress (though I could probably be persuaded) or a lot of other things on your list, I can help you find the perfect photographer. Speaking from experience (hey, even the photographer needs a photographer once in awhile) you want to get that right.

I recommend having a list of questions at the ready when you meet your photographer so you can ask about everything that’s important to you, and leave nothing to chance. Once you have found the perfect documenter of your day who has a style you admire, a price point that fits within your budget, and who you get along with, the rest will seem like a piece of cake!


Questions to Ask Your Hawaii Wedding Photographer


  1. Are you available on my wedding date?
  2. Are you willing to travel to my destination? (Obviously, a deal-breaker if not.)
  3. If you are willing to travel, do you pay your own way or is that an additional cost?
  4. What do you charge? (Be sure to ask if there are different pricing options for your particular needs and if you are required to place a deposit.)
  5. How many destination weddings (or weddings in general) have you shot?
  6. Can you describe your photography style? (This could run the gamut, from photojournalistic, classic, casual, posed, etc.)
  7. Tell me how you envision our wedding day.
  8. What are the deliverables? (Do you get a wedding album, digital proofs only, a set number of photos, framed portraits, etc.)
  9. Can I see examples of your wedding photos?
  10. How soon will we be able to see our photos after the wedding?
  11. Do you offer black and white/sepia toned photo options? What about other editing, color-correcting, or retouching? Do you do that or is there a separate charge?
  12. Do you have a contract?
  13. Do you have a backup photographer should something happen that keeps you from being able to attend our wedding? What about backup equipment?
  14. Do you work alone or do you have an assistant? If you have an assistant, can I meet him or her before the wedding as well?
  15. Are you familiar with our particular venue? If so, can I see photos from that wedding shoot?
  16. Do you offer other services, such as engagement or bridal sessions prior to the wedding?
  17. Can I give you a list of my own shots?
  18. What if my wedding runs over the allotted time — will you stay? What do you charge for additional time?
  19. Are you insured?
  20. Do you have a cancellation policy?
  21. What is your communication style?
  22. How will you and/or your assistants be dressed on the day of the wedding?
  23. Will you be posting our wedding photos on social media or submitting them to magazines or other media outlets?
  24. Do you deliver an album or do we make that ourselves? If we do it ourselves, do you have recommendations for where to get it made?
  25. Do you have a list of references I could check?


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