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December 5, 2018

Babymoon Hawaii Photographer! Hire a Photographer, Adventure, Eat and Relax!

Babymoon in Hawaii

Hire a Photographer, Adventure, Eat and Relax!

mom kisses toddler on beach while pregnant

What the (heck) babymoon?

a babymoon vacation is a time (usually in your third trimester) before your new baby where you (or by yourself) and you’re significant other go do something fun and relaxing together. Many people choose to go on a trip and do something to strengthen their relationship or just unwind with a virgin strawberry daiquiri poolside. The basis of my advice is to definitely hire a Photographer (me, duh), go on an adventure, eat a ton and relax!

Here are some tips on planning the perfect Hawaii babymoon before your life changes forever!




Your belly is so cute and you and your husband are relaxed and having fun in a beautiful location. These are the moments you want to capture. So bust out that super cute bikini and let your belly hang out. I also love maxi dresses for maternity photography. Maxi dresses really help elongate the body and really show off your amazing curves.

Where should you take your maternity photos in Hawaii?

I have a million ideas. I am more than happy to help you brainstorm locations that best suit your style.


This is not one of those trips where you have a checklist or itinerary. You have full permission to lay at the pool for your entire trip and drink coconuts with the fancy umbrellas. Live your best life girl. You should also get a massage too.



There’s no shortage of scenic hikes in Oahu. Pregnancy shouldn’t get in the way of taking in the breathtaking greenery and unique wildlife that the island has to offer. With careful planning, you should be able to find a hike that suits your needs. Just don’t foregt to pack plenty of extra water.

Unless you are a seasoned hiker, avoid taking on anything that is too long or too steep. Bring comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy, and pack plenty of water and some energizing snacks. Plan to take breaks during your hike, especially if you’ve been experiencing lightheadedness or shortness of breath.

I recommend Manoa Falls Trail for your trip. At 1.5 miles long with an elevation of 554 feet, it was short and relatively easy to handle.

Use a website like All Trails to learn everything you need to know about the hike you plan to do.

scenic of couple on beach maternity


As a lover of all things delicious I really do have to drive this point home. Hawaiian food is so unique – an unusual combination of pan-Asian flavors mixed with sweet, tropical notes.  Keeping in mind what is safe to eat in your pregnancy, I encourage you to be an adventurous eater while you’re here!


Opal Thai

I freaking love Thai food. This is hands down the best Thai food you will experience. My favorite dishes are normally curries but eat anything on the menu and it will not disappoint.

Leonard’s Bakery

If you were like me while pregnant, order a dozen. Take them to your hotel room and ENJOY!

The Pig and the Lady

Make reservations! This place takes traditional Vietnamese food and hits it with a modern twist, simply delicious.


Best places to Stay on Oahu for your Babymoon

  1. Turtle Bay Resort
  2. Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina
  3.  The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu


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