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December 20, 2018

The easiest way to get your marriage license in Hawaii

The Easiest Way to Get Your Marriage License in Hawaii

couple get married in Hawaii with palm trees


So you want to get married in Hawaii?

Congrats! That’s amazing.

And you won’t regret one single minute of your wedding day or the honeymoon after (please tell me you’re staying for the honeymoon).

I want to be honest with you though — it’s going to be a lot of work, especially if you are planning a destination wedding.

You will have to get your guests there, keep them housed, fed, entertained, etc. But, while you’re focused on the big details, don’t forget the small things, too. You know, the little things, like making sure your marriage is legal and all. That’s where your marriage license comes in handy. That is one important detail you will not want to gloss over.


No matter which Hawaiian Island you choose for your wedding though, the steps for getting your license will be the same.

The Legalities of Getting Married in Hawaii

Luckily, you do not need to be a resident of Hawaii (or even a U.S. citizen) to get married there, but there are some other stipulations:

  • You do need to be at least 18. If you are 16 or 17, you’ll need to get parental consent forms filled out as well.
  • You’ll have to show a valid ID, like a passport or driver’s license, if you are 19 or older. (If you are under 18, you will need to provide a birth certificate.)
  • If you were married before, you have to show proof of either divorce or spouse’s death within 30 days of the application.
  • Although there are no blood tests, you cannot marry a blood relative closer than a first cousin. 


The Application Process for Marriage in Hawaii

You can start the application process online, which is great for those of you who don’t live in Hawaii, but you do have to finish it in person, among other details:


  • You fill out the application and pay for the license online for marriage in Hawaii, however, you must appear together in person before an agent (no proxies allowed).
  • When you appear before an agent, you should make sure your application is either filled out online or have a filled-out paper copy with you. You will have to file the application in person with a marriage license agent. It will not be accepted if it was sent via email or with the postal service.


  • You should bring any proof of age and written consent or approvals with you as well at this time.


  • If you’re approved, you’ll receive the license right when you apply. There is a $60 application fee, plus a $5 administrative fee. These fees can be paid online or in person. If paying in person, you must bring cash.



  • Keep in mind the license is only good in the State of Hawaii and it will expire 30 days from the day you receive it.

Civil Unions

Civil unions have a slightly different process. In the state of Hawaii, a civil union can be between either same-sex couples or opposite-sex couples who wish to have a civil union. Both partners have the same rights granted to married couples in Hawaii. Find out more by clicking the links:

  • Need a civil union/marriage license agent? Click here.
  • For more information about civil unions, click here.

No matter what you want your wedding to be — big or small, marriage or civil union, on the Big Island or on Oahu, Maui, or Kauai, you want to make sure it’s legal. If you are working with a wedding planner on any of the islands, they may be able to help you with the marriage license process as well, so be sure to ask. Drop me a line if you have any questions about capturing your big day, I’d love to work with you.



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