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January 10, 2019

Hawaii Drone Wedding Photography

Hawaii Drone Wedding Photography

With Hawaii’s specular landscape that includes mountains, turquoise waters, and sandy beaches aerial photography is the new must-have for your wedding day.  Sky and Reef Photography is happy to announce we are offering drone and aerial photography in 2019.

  The advantages of using drones for wedding photography are numerous as drones offer a truly unique perspective on weddings that traditional photography just can’t deliver.

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If you are interested in including Drone photography into your wedding here are the best some ways to be prepared.

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1. Check Rules and Ask for Permission 

We are only authorized to fly in safe zone. We are not authorized to fly near the airport or military bases.

drone sjot on beach

2. Find Venues That Suit Drone Photography

Your venue MUST allow drones and you and your wedding planner and the venue must all be in agreement before your wedding day.

drone kayakers over ocean

3. Schedule in Drone shots during your Wedding day timeline

Specular drone photos cannot be done in 5 mins. It takes time to set up shots. Depending on how many unique shots that you desire.  Please schedule time during your wedding to include these shots into your timeline.


drone shot o

Hawaii Drone Wedding Photography FAQ’s

What type of drone do you fly with?

We fly with the top of the line drone the DJI Mavic Pro.

drone wedding bride and groom

Are you a licensed to fly a drone?

Yes, Sky and Reef Photography has been issued a license by the FAA to fly at your event.

couple walking on the beach drone shot

Is the Drone loud?

earlier models of drones were very noisy and were sometimes distracting, but the new model that we fly with is very quiet and many wedding guests don’t even notice the drone is flying around.

What happens if it rains?

Hey, it’s Hawaii. It rains sometimes, but not usually for long. Rain on your wedding day is actually considered good luck and can lead to some specular rainbows. We will not, however, fly the drone in the rain or in heavy wind conditions. We can not control the weather but we will not put out equipment nor any guest or staff in unsafe situations.

Can you fly the drone in the dark?

No. We can not fly in the dark. We need to be able to see the drone while it is in the air. safety is number one concern.

bride and groom on beach drone photograph

Please contact us for more information regarding adding drone photography into your Hawaii Wedding Packages


  1. Spencer L. Peterson says:

    Can you video a wedding at Po’olanalena beach, Maui, in August of 2020? We’re interested in 20 minutes or so, the ceremony is scheduled for 5:15 PM. What is your rate for something like this?

  2. Tara Morenfeld says:

    I am happy to offer videography packages for your Maui Wedding. How exciting. Please email me

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