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March 25, 2022

Julie & Chris’s Waimanalo Elopement

Are you looking for a beautiful white sand beach with gorgeous turquoise water in Hawaii for your elopement? Do you feel that the other beaches are quite crowded or that you can’t find a parking space there, or the North Shore is too far from your base point? If that’s the case, Waimanalo Beach could be your ideal spot for a dreamy shoot! It won’t just provide you with pristine Hawaiian backdrops for photography but also allow you to spend some private time with your partner. And this is what Julie and Chris got when they chose Waimanalo for their elopement. It was such a beautiful day – and we enjoyed the session a lot. From posed to candids, we created some incredible elopement portraits together. The natural lighting and the picturesque views that surrounded us were a bonus and kept our spirits high throughout. Woah! What a great time we had and how much we loved the results – a bunch of super romantic and strikingly beautiful elopement images!


Waimanalo Beach Elopement Photography


My couple, Julie and Chris, had first met in high school. And now, here they were, celebrating their big day and getting all those special moments documented at one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii. Julie looked so radiant and ethereal in her gorgeous bridal gown, and her groom, Chris, was equally dapper in his black and white suit. Together they looked perfect and totally made for each other. And this is what I tried highlighting in the images.


My couple held hands, took a stroll along the shore, embraced each other, and exchanged kisses to express their love for each other. Watching these two lovebirds lost in each other’s company was such a joy, and bringing out their bond of love through photos was an honor for me. The greenery, fine white sand, sparkling ocean, mesmerizing blue skies, cottony clouds, and the glorious views of the hills made for such outstanding backdrops for our photos. Seeing my couple so happy and relaxed during the photography session was a treat, but my favorite moment from the day was when Julie and Chris jumped into the water. Oh, they created quite a splash! The excitement on their faces made my day and gave me a chance to create more amazing elopement portraits at the impressive Waimanalo Beach.


I also loved taking those drone shots of my couple, and getting a bird’s-eye view of the breathtaking beach was so creatively satisfying. The crashing waves, the wet sand, the dry powdery spots, and the green patch – all of it gave the photos such an intimate and beautiful feel. There was a sense of serenity and solitude – something Waimanalo is famous for. 


As a photographer, this elopement session pushed me to give my best. I’m happy that I could spend this amazing time in the company of my lovely couple at such an exquisite location. Also, I hope my couple loves their photos just as much as I loved creating them.


Enjoy Elopements With Sky And Reef Photography


Julie and Chris, you guys are simply adorable! Spending time with the two of you and photographing your elopement was fun. Be it capturing the beautiful surroundings into photos, taking photos of your gorgeous and glittery ring, or highlighting the love between you two, I enjoyed it all. I want to thank you two for giving me the opportunity to create your elopement portraits and wish you both a happy life together.


To all my readers out there, if you are looking for a similar photography experience, you can book me! There’s no dearth of gorgeous locations in Hawaii, and documenting your beautiful moments at all these stunning places could be a lovely and unique experience. If you’re traveling to the island soon or are already here, you can contact me at 808.688.3396 for photography. I serve in all Hawaii islands and promise to capture your vacation or celebration in the best way possible and turn it into images you can treasure for life! Besides elopement photography, I also do holiday photos, family pictures, proposals, engagements, and wedding photography. To get in touch with me, you can drop me an email or call me at 808-688-3396. To check out more of my work, you may visit my Instagram and Facebook. You can also find me on YouTube and LinkedIn.

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