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April 1, 2022

Lanikai Sunrise Session: Adney Family

Hawaii is filled with locations that make photos look like postcards. Pristine beaches, lush greenery, breathtaking sunrises, and sunsets – it has everything you need to take the most stunning images. One such location is Lanikai Beach – a perfect tropical oasis where you can sit back, relax, or jump into the bright blue water. And it was also the ideal location for the lovely Adney family’s portraits session. This was a really special family portraits session since the family came to Hawaii all the way from Alaska. Throughout the session, they basked in the natural beauty that Hawaii offers (especially the exquisite sunrise), and they had so much fun together. It was heartwarming to see how much they enjoyed the session.


Adney Family Portraits Session in Hawaii


It’s always a treat to photograph families, and it was no different with the Adney’s. All four of them were in matching white outfits, and they were definitely in the mood for fun. I am also a huge fan of photographing kids, and the Adneys’ daughters were two of the sweetest little girls I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. Natural posers, they were like models in front of the camera and loved getting their photos taken. It’s always such a relief (and a personal victory) to have the kids connect with you, and as a photographer, I make sure that when I am doing a family session, the kids feel comfortable with me and my camera.


The fact that the Adneys came from Alaska and chose me as their photographer to document their Hawaii adventures already got me so excited for this session. But my excitement doubled when I met them, and we started the shoot. The whole family was so happy to be there, and more than the shoot, they focused on having fun together, which is when I am able to photograph the most precious and authentic moments.


When you are on a beach in Hawaii, you just have to get in the water. And one of my favorite moments during the session was when the whole family jumped in the water. Lanikai Beach was a perfect location for the kids to have fun and run around, and it was equally perfect for taking some romantic portraits of mom and dad. There was a moment when dad was carrying mom in the water, and the kids suddenly came in and jumped on both of them, and I was lucky enough to capture that moment! Family sessions are all about photographing those special, unplanned moments, and there were so many of them with the Adneys. Also, not to toot my own horn but I am in LOVE with the sunrise photos. 


Make Memories With Sky and Reef Photography


It’s always encouraging to know that it’s not just me but also my clients who have fun during their photo shoot with me. Here’s a little something the Adneys said to me after they saw their photos, “Thank you SO much for this BEAUTIFUL gallery of photos! WOW! And there are SO many of them! THANK YOU!! They are all so very special. You captured our family so wonderfully. The girls playing in the water and splashing! (Miranda making her best mermaid impersonation! haha!) I truly love all the tender little moments, the snuggles and love captured beautifully! I LOVE how the sunrise photos turned out, wow, oh wow! They are stunning! I adore the footprint photo! YAY! So glad the ocean cooperated! My heart is SO full of Hawaiian Aloha!!”


It was such a pleasure to read their feedback, and it was an equally special day for me, too. I love it when my clients go back with happy hearts and big smiles. If you are in Hawaii and want to add an adventurous or fun twist to your family portraits, I would be more than happy to be your photographer! I love photographing kids and know the exact tricks to get them to pose. There’s so much Hawaii has to offer, and if you want to take a deep dive into Hawaiian nature, I have some great spots for you too! 


To get in touch with me, you can drop me a mail or call me on 808-688-3396. I also photograph weddings, so if you or anyone you know is getting married soon, you can refer me to them! To check out more of my photography, you can head to my website, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

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